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"What is the maximum width my chairs should be in my media room?" We get this question several times a day and generally people don't realize how many options there are to allow for the most seating in their media room. We tell our customers to allow for about 2 feet of aisle space on each side of the chairs unless they are going to be set up at the very back wall where walk-space isn't an issue. If there are doors near the space where you want your chairs to be, do they swing in or out? If they swing into the room then make sure you've allowed enough room (usually 36") for the door to open.

Here are typical room sizes and the recommended with of seating. Keep in mind this is allowing two feet of aisle space on each side. If you place the chairs in the back of the room then you have even more space to work with!

  • 12 feet wide: Max Recommended row width 96"
  • 14 feet wide: Max Recommended row width 120"
  • 16 feet wide: Max Recommended row width 144"
Another question we are sometimes asked is, "would I be able to have two rows of chairs even though I don't have a riser in my room?" First off, you CAN add a built-in riser to The Flex HR and Turbo XL700 by Octane Theater Seating. It's a great feature and is much less expensive then building a full riser in your media room. Let's do just a general estimate of room depth that will allow for two rows of seating. Comfortable viewing for the first row is about 8' from the screen.
Let's say the average depth of the chair (front to back, not reclined) is 36".

You'll need at LEAST 30" in between each row.

And then add another 36" for the back row chair depth.

If you're at the back of the room then you'll want to add 4" to recline from the wall.

So, from here we would need the depth of the room to be 198" or 16.5 feet.

Now, of course this is the recommended depth of the room. If you're comfortable with being 6 or 7 feet from the movie screen then you can certainly have a smaller depth room and still have two rows of chairs. It's all about what's comfortable for you.